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Team profile

GP : Amount of game played
PTS : Sum of the points obtained for the Wins, Overtime losses and ties (if applicable)
W : Amount of games won
L : Amount of games lost
T : Amount of games tied
OTL : Amount of games lost in overtime
SOL : Amount of games lost in shootout
GF : Amount of goals scored by the team
GA : Amount of goals scored against the team
AVG : Average of the performance of the team in link with goals for and goals against
Diff : Difference between Goal for and Goal against
PK% : % goal allowed on penalty kill
PP% : % goal scored on powerplay
S/GP : Average of shots per game
S% :
SA/GP : Average of shots against per game
## : The jersey number of a player
MIN : Amount of minutes played
OTW : Amount of games won in overtime
SOW : Amount of games in shootout
S : Amount of games won by a shutout
AVG : The average amount of goals allowed during a game for the season
S % : Save %
POS : The position of the player or the coach
G : Amount of goals scored by the player
A : Amount of assists made by the player
PTS : Sum of the goals and the assists of the player
AVG : Percentage of the offensive efficiency of a player during the season
+ / - : Plus - minus
PPG : Amount of goals scored during a powerplay by a player
PKG : Amount of goals scored during a penalty kill by a player
WG : Amount of winning goals scored by a player
EG : Amount of goals that tied a game scored by a player
S : Shots
F/O : Faceoffs
PEN : Amount of penalties obtained during the saison
PMIN : Amount of penalty minutes obtained by a player during the season
DATE : The date when the suspension was put in vigor
GAMES : Summary of the game where the player got his/her suspension
CODE : Penalty code that caused the suspension
SUSP : Amount of suspensions obtained during the season
DC : Indicates if the player had to speak to the disciplinary committee
G.PURG : Amount of games purged for the suspension